best holiday gifts for a biker or cyclist in 2018

Learn 5 Of The Best Holiday Gifts For A Road Biker

Christmas is coming up, and you’re likely hunting for gift ideas for everyone in your life, be they friends, family, or coworkers. You want to be smart about spending your money wisely, which means finding great gifts at good prices. Hopefully, you can match gifts with the person you’re getting them for instead of just resorting to a gift card. So, if you know an avid road biker in your life, you probably want to get them something along those lines. Then again, if you’re not a road biker yourself, how in the world do you know what to get them?

The answer is simple. Just keep reading this article, which delves into 5 of the best holiday gifts you can put under the Christmas tree of your favorite roadie and make them smile.

1) Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road:

These sunglasses are widely popular, and you might recognize them from bikers passing you when you’re out driving around. Not many cyclists are going to scoff at having these. Even if they already do, it’s always good to have spares. The tall upper portions of them are particularly great for visibility when road bikers are in their drops, and the large frame means that when the glasses get dropped, which happens, the road isn’t going to scratch the lens in most cases.

2) Panache Ass Saver:

This does exactly what the name says it does. They’re alternatively called mudguards or fenders depending on the rider you talk to. However, whatever they get called, keeping a rider’s back end usually proves to be a good thing. Many road cyclists don’t even need full fenders or love them all that much, but fortunately, these kit pieces are cheap and come in handy for really long rides. They can be popped on and off as necessary, without even needing tools, so the rider can tuck them away in a travel bag or toolbox when they’re not in use.

3) Oakley Castelli Risvolto Due Winter Cap:

A rider’s noggin takes a lot of abuse from a ride, even if it’s the body part farthest from the pedals, clips, or ground. Any noggin sitting under this headpiece is going to stay quite warm. When assembled with the right kit, cycling even in winter can be warm and wonderful. The slim version is particularly good, with a long neck-tension and soft wooly fabric that wicks away moisture.

4) Competitive Cyclist:

You’ll never go wrong giving a road biker new socks because they always need them. They’re certainly going to get used more than that tie your friend or relative is considering. It’s useful to know your rider’s style a bit, as you can find anything from fun and loud styles to warmer winter wear that’s more effective than pretty.

5) Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit:

Good tools are always a great investment. Tools get lost, broken, not returned, or your rider might even want a toolset for every bike. This particular toolset isn’t the only quality option on the market, but the tools feel great in the hands of previous consumers and reviewers. Also, the handle travel case is very portable. For more convenience, this toolset can even double up as a travel toolkit for many vehicles or be used at home.

Now that you’ve read this article, you’re no longer clueless about what to get the road biker in your life. You not only have an idea of what to get them but 5 different possibilities! Just shopping for them can lead to more ideas, and even if they already have what you give them or won’t use it, they’ll have great gifts they can swap with other road bikers or exchange easily at stores they know and love for things they will use.

As always, make sure you get gift receipts for everything so that they can exchange anything they want to for something they didn’t get or realize they need. For that matter, you might need the gift receipts if you find other things to give them, change your mind, or realize you went over your holiday budget. You might even decide to keep some of these things and take up road biking as a new year resolution!

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